Hello Foodies!


I’m just a girl living life in the armpit of our nation called New Jersey. We have a bad rap over here (Snooki, Housewives, Turnpike fumes), but we also have a lot of talent and fabulous food. Hey we got Anthony Bourdain (personal hero and inspiration), Pizza, and 24 hour Dinners! You can’t beat that :)

I’m going to stop yapping about Jersey and tell you a lil’ about myself. I’m brand new to blogging and excited to be part of the virtual foodie world. I love to cook homemade meals from scratch for my husband and my two cats. Yes I’m a Crazy Cat Lady!!! I grew up in the former Soviet Union and Israel and my cooking is inspired by family, friends and my foodie adventures.

I’m thrilled to share all of that with you plus more...I’m also a special education teacher by day and cook at home by night. I have a strong passion for the special needs community and would like to share my recipes and menu plans for gluten and casein free diets. I hope to inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle and have fun doing it not matter if you are lucky like me to live in Dirty Jerzy or in your corner of the world.

Bon Appetite,